Mystery Home

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Don (Spokane, United States) on 1 February 2012 in Landscape & Rural.

This is a shot from the road so I didn't see the front of this place. I'm wondering what it could have been before it was converted. I like it's sturdy construction and the deck the owner has added. What do you think?

Christine from Ellemford, United Kingdom

Looks like work in progress, I would have liked tro see the front too

1 Feb 2012 6:53am

Marie LC from Entre montagnes et Bretagne, France

J'adore ces belles briques rouges !

1 Feb 2012 6:55am

Nicou from Sion, Switzerland

C'est une maison hantée, superbe quel rendu sur les briques, quelle forme carrée fantastique.
Bravo et amitié

1 Feb 2012 6:58am

CElliottUK from Reading, United Kingdom

It reminds me of a water pumping station

1 Feb 2012 7:33am

Frida from Sweden

This is intriguing and I makes me wanna know more. I like it though.

1 Feb 2012 9:57am

Mhelene from Paris, France

A beautiful framing ! Perhaps the home of two owners ,from the same family but each one his stair !

1 Feb 2012 10:15am

grouser from Ludlow, United Kingdom

Wells Fargo? Nice drive by Don

1 Feb 2012 11:26am

Eric Cousineau from Sherwood Park, Canada

Very utilitarian to conserve heat! I think the front would provide some better clues! Well seen and captured Don! ;-)

1 Feb 2012 12:16pm

Harry from Apex, United States

Without seeing the front, it is tough to guess. With garage-type doors, it could have been a fire station of a utility service kind of place. With just regular doors, it could be anything from a police station to a medical building. But it doesn't look like the big bad wolf could puff it down!

1 Feb 2012 2:46pm

TexWisGirl from United States


1 Feb 2012 2:57pm

Doug from Burnham-on-Sea, United Kingdom

A terrific old building, but not a clue as to what it could have been.

1 Feb 2012 4:12pm

Shar from Pilot Butte near Regina, SK, Canada

Yes, definitely has a past and I too wonder what it may be!!

1 Feb 2012 4:29pm

Sien from Valkenswaard, Netherlands

I think they are busy with the conversion Don :-)
Very nice shot, well done!

1 Feb 2012 4:49pm

tataray from france, France

Belle construction, robuste et bien carrée.
J'aime beaucoup la petite fenêtre ronde.)

1 Feb 2012 5:18pm

franz from Baden, Austria

an interesting building indeed! looks more like the sturdy brick houses we are used to here in europe than your "typical" american house! i guess the owners are happy with their new deck, but i am not so sure about its aesthetic merits ... the windows are attractive, especially the round one!

1 Feb 2012 5:55pm

Sam from Chennai, India

Beautiful old building. Love the brick work. Great detail. Excellent shot. :)

1 Feb 2012 6:00pm

Curly from South Shields, United Kingdom

Whatever it was, it is now making someone a happy home, we have an old radar station in South Shields next to the pier, the council has now granted permission to convert it to a private home.

1 Feb 2012 6:12pm

Earl from Salisbury, NC, United States

Sturdy is a good word for this structure. I would love to see the front to see if it's features are somewhat softer. For a home, not many windows for light. Interesting capture, Don.

1 Feb 2012 7:09pm

John - Visual Notebook from United States

Maybe an old school, or how about an old firestation? I love these types of buildings - built with a bit of character instead of mountains of glass. Thanks for posting it!

1 Feb 2012 7:35pm

Tricia Hays from poplar bluff, United States

I think there's a lot of possibilities to a place like this... if they have the money for it... A wrap around deck would be a must to add some character to the outside... Sure wish I could see inside! =)

1 Feb 2012 7:38pm

Genesis from United States

This is my home !!! The brick was built in 1902 for the electric railroad line that went from Spokane to Pullman Washington. Its main purpose was to hold these large transformers that were needed to charge up the engines every 6-10 miles. My husband (Scott) family homestead down the road in 1818. Scott started to build our home inside the existing brick in 1993 when he was in high school. Now it is our 4 bedroom and 3 bath family home were we are raising three children. We also have a large shop on our property that is built on the old footings from the Mt. Hope Train depot. There was a nice articular written a few years ago for our local paper the Spokesman Review if you search for Mt Hope electric railroad you might find it. Hope that helps solve part of the mystery. Any other question?

1 Feb 2012 7:44pm

@Genesis: Thanks for visiting and sharing this interesting history of your home. The good condition of the brick structure impressed me with it young looking quality. I'll look for the article. Thanks again.

Aly from Annen, Netherlands

really Genesis???
Maybe the house is restored ,)
Beautiful old building...

1 Feb 2012 8:36pm

yz from Budapest, Hungary

really strange building

1 Feb 2012 9:15pm

RBL from Oxford, United States

I like the full brick older homes; they have so much character and we don't see many constructed now adays. Great photo.

1 Feb 2012 9:53pm

B. Thomas from Arlington, Texas, United States

I would love to have a little peek inside. ;-)

1 Feb 2012 11:34pm

Joyce from Montana, United States

Me too same as B. Thomas. Would like to peak inside. There is nothing so strong and well, red, as good ole brick structure. Reminds me of our old University buildings that just radiate wisdom and insulation. Can't believe the owner found this post!!!

2 Feb 2012 12:50am

Janaye Jones from West Wendover, Nevada, United States

How nice that the owner identified what this building originally was....I would have guessed a school if there had been more windows. I hope they are a happy family enjoying their life in this special home.

2 Feb 2012 1:56am

Rick from Toronto, Canada

Looks like an old bank or depot of some sort. What an interesting find, Don!

2 Feb 2012 1:57am

Genesis from United States

Its never been restored the brick is all original had a few cracks repaired 10 years ago that's it. Brick is 24Inchs deep and building sits about 30 feet tall with a concrete roof. Its the safest place in town. The Church in the other photo is just down the road from us. these are the only two original buildings left of Mt. Hope. If I knew how to post pictures of the inside i would love to. We left as many of the brick walls exposed as we could. Very blessed to live here.

2 Feb 2012 6:11am

@Genesis: Very interesting to lean more about your fabulous home. Nothing is built like that now! :-) I don't recall why I didn't get a view of the front, but I was riding with my son and grandson and requiring some "drive by" shooting that's not always the best views. Thanks again for commenting and adding more information.

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

Bunker as house? I don't know what it was but, I'll bet it's kind of cool inside. A good spot, Don.

2 Feb 2012 4:57pm

rian from vestavia hills, United States

not a lot of windows.. the wolf would have a hard time blowing this down.. ;D nice catch..

2 Feb 2012 7:14pm

Candace from Phoenix, AZ, United States

That's great that the mystery is solved and so fun that the owner found your photo! Wonder how that happened???? I, too, would love to see the inside, I bet it's gorgeous, these unique, old homes are the best kind, imho.

3 Feb 2012 5:29pm

Rose from United States

Oh, how wonderful that the person that lives here replied....sure answers our questions.

7 Feb 2012 7:20pm