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Don (Spokane, United States) on 13 June 2011 in Plant & Nature.

A silhouette of the Bird of Paradise bouquet my church sent me while I was in the hospital with my "replaced hip" replacement. For those interested in outcome details: The second hip joint is less successful and more prone to follow-up difficulties. My instructions: Zero weight on the repaired leg for 8 weeks; don't bend more than 90º at the hip; don't twist the hip or reach behind; don't drive for 8 weeks; don't sit on any chair lower than 20 inches high; and there are many more. The risk:10% throw the replaced hip joint out; 5% have dangerous infection. So my picture taking is going to be limited for some time. Thus, be prepared for many archive shots; and some previously posted images. :-) How do I refrain from placing ANY weight on the replaced hip leg...for 8 weeks? :-) Thanks
for your interest , thoughts and prayers during my surgery.