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Don (Spokane, United States) on 11 December 2010 in Lifestyle & Culture.

Yesterday I had a tooth extracted and in the procedure room I was placed on this chair that would totally flatten. In this position the patient has this view of an overhead television which apparently is to entertain you while the doctor and his minions do their magic on a tooth! Actually, it was rather painless and it gave me a picture to post for today. A win win outcome! :-)

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

A cool shot of the soap opera! ;-)

11 Dec 2010 5:38am

Luke Wiley from Spokane Washington, United States

That is a great dentist!

11 Dec 2010 5:48am

Marie LC from Entre montagnes et Bretagne, France

The record is excellent and yet it is very difficult to capture an image TV

11 Dec 2010 6:53am

Marie LC from Entre montagnes et Bretagne, France

The record is excellent and yet it is very difficult to capture an image TV

11 Dec 2010 6:54am

CElliottUK from Reading, United Kingdom

Haha, all I get is a dentist who talks to me...whilst her instruments and fingers are in my mouth. This looks a lot more civilised!

11 Dec 2010 10:35am

Frida from Sweden

What a nice dentist :-) I recognize the soap opera also - Days of our live... It runs here in Sweden too.

11 Dec 2010 1:38pm

Franz from Baden, Austria

wow, you really are a dedicated photographer! taking a camera to the dentist has never really ocurred to me, so thanks for giving me something to think about. anyway, this is a splendid idea to distract the patient! thumbs up to both of you!

11 Dec 2010 1:46pm

Earl from Salisbury, NC, United States

I've never seen or experienced this -- very cool. Now if they had a mouse control on the arm rest so you could browse the Internet...LOL. The relationship of the shapes in this image are very interesting as well -- the diamond shaped inset and the rectangular flat-screen TV. Great composition and shot, Don.

11 Dec 2010 1:51pm

SOUL AFLAME from The bosom of Mother Nature, United Kingdom

Firstly I admire your courage in getting a shot whilst having your tooth dealt with Don, and secondly I really like the idea of the TV to take your mind off the pain! Neat shot sir.

11 Dec 2010 1:53pm

grouser from Ludlow, United Kingdom

How very odd Don. Nicely documented, but what happens if you are totally immersed in the programme and the dentist has finished with you? :)

11 Dec 2010 1:59pm

Thea from Leeuwarden, Netherlands

lol...the first time I ever heard of and seen such a thing! Surely works for a lot of people:)
It's a great picture too!

11 Dec 2010 2:38pm

JJ from Jersey City, United States

A painless visit to a dentist is always a good thing, and so cool they have the TV up there makes for a great shot also

11 Dec 2010 3:44pm

Martin A. Mora from North Platte, United States

lol, awsome and creative, Im guessing they dont have earthquakes in this area :)

11 Dec 2010 4:51pm

Barbara from Florida, United States

Anything to get you to forget the cost. Nice to know some of the money goes to the patients entertainment. I'll have to inform my dentist on this one.

11 Dec 2010 5:32pm

Melocoton from Salamanca, Afghanistan

mmmmmmm psicodelic image, bien

11 Dec 2010 5:53pm

harry from apex, United States

I hope that is sturdily bolted in - otherwise the pain would not be only dental! An interesting view.

11 Dec 2010 5:56pm

john4jack from Corvallis, Oregon, United States

terrific :)))

11 Dec 2010 6:20pm

Anita from West Nottingham, United States

TVs are invading the world!

11 Dec 2010 7:06pm

yz from Budapest, Hungary

what a cool idea! and were you taking the photo while the dentist was in your mouth?

11 Dec 2010 8:17pm

Diane from near Hythe Alberta, Canada

I've heard some dentists have TVs in the ceiling; my dentist has a poster on the ceiling! :)
I hope all is well now that the tooth has been extracted. This made for a very interesting post today.

11 Dec 2010 8:32pm

tataray from france, France

Wow ...Un charmant dentiste...
C'est rare !.... )) Hum..

11 Dec 2010 10:37pm

rian from Vestavia Hlls, United States

lol! that's an excellent idea! i hope this trend catches on.. :)

12 Dec 2010 1:11am

flyingwind风飞扬 from Bridgetown, Barbados

Toy and its packing box?! Nice making of it!

12 Dec 2010 1:59am

London Caller from United Kingdom

I know that things can very different in Australia.
But this one really takes the biscuit, mate!

12 Dec 2010 2:18am

Michael Rawluk from Williams Lake, BC, Canada

As long as there isn't some gruesome dental documentary on.

12 Dec 2010 4:08am

Beat from Switzerland

I will show this to my dentist. Really a good idea and as always well captured!

12 Dec 2010 4:33am

Ronnie 2¢ from Atlantic Shores, United Kingdom

. . lol . . most of the stuff I see on TV is worse than a toothache any day ! Glad you survived both treatments.

12 Dec 2010 8:21am

Briesing from France

It makes a nice picture ! But I would also prefer nothing than what is offered on TV ! ! !

12 Dec 2010 9:05am

@Briesing: I soon changed to the news... which wasn't much better. :-)

Rose from United States

I hope you had the remote to watch what you wanted....

12 Dec 2010 4:38pm

POBSB from Tilburg, Netherlands

LOL that's wonderful

13 Dec 2010 4:37pm

PixeLuz from Vitória, Brazil

Funny story ;) I must go to the dentist on Wednesday, i hope it will result as a win-win too.

13 Dec 2010 10:59pm