Lincoln County farmland

Posted by
Don (Spokane, United States) on 29 March 2009 in Landscape & Rural.

I posted this in a larger size on in an attempt to convey the vastness of this area near my home. This landscape is part of my continuing collection of images that show the wide diversity of terrain in eastern Washington. Lincoln County is located west of Spokane in Eastern Washington. Lincoln County is an agricultural county with rich soils, boasting some of the highest soft white wheat yields in the nation. In the 2000 cenus the population density was 4 people per square mile (2/km²) with an average density of houses at 2 per square mile (1/km²) The county is completely dependent on agriculture, primarily wheat farming. Lincoln County is generally considered the second-largest producer of wheat in the United States sometimes producing 25 million bushels (680,000 t) a year. Only about 500,000 of 900,000 acres (2,000 of 3,600 km2)of farmland in the county are planted in any given year due to the practice of typically harvesting one crop every two years, a necessity in a region with only 12 inches (300 mm) of precipitation annually.