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12 December 2014

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San Xavier Del Bac
4 May 2013

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Water Power
17 October 2012

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Red Sun, But Not In An Image
26 September 2012

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All Alone
28 September 2011

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1 June 2011

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Falcon Avenue Glow
6 January 2010

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Halloween Cat
31 October 2009

Recent Comments

beach on Beach Scene
Ah, what a picturesque shot. (Which is why you took it, right?)

existenceartistique on Beach Scene

omid on Beach Scene
such beautiful composition, clouds & colors! Lovely view.

Shaun on Beach Scene
Looks like just the place to be. Excellent image of this quiet beach.

Dreams come true on Beach Scene
Wow great. Beautiful lines and colors.

Ronnie 2¢ on Beach Scene
A fine place to escape to . .

Ralf Kesper on Beach Scene
Beautiful seasight!

B. Thomas on Steep Barn
Nice old barn.

Steve Rice on Steep Barn
A very steep barn. It would probably be good in snow country.

omid on Far Scene
Lovely view.

omid on Steep Barn
such beautiful composition, colors & textures!

Steven on Steep Barn
That would make a great sledding hill in the winter! :-) Great colors under warm sunlight.

Ruthiebear on Steep Barn
The pitch of that roof is incredible!

Sam on Steep Barn
Great steep roof on this barn. A fine shot. :)

Rose on Steep Barn
Such a beautiful old barn...I would love to see inside.

beach on Steep Barn
The roof catches my attention. I wouldn't want to have to work on that roof.

existenceartistique on Steep Barn

Devi on Steep Barn
wow !! What a great roof here !! As tall as the tree !!

Shaun on Steep Barn
A very nice roof on this barn Don, and I like the tree covering the top.

Ronnie 2¢ on Steep Barn
Wow . . that is some pitch - would be great for solar panels !

Elaine Hancock on Far Scene
A beautiful view of this gorgeous landscape. I love the mountains in the distance.

Rose on Far Scene
And the view goes on forever!

Janaye Jones on Far Scene
The steepness of the incline & the beauty of the layers of mountains add to the expansiveness of this image. It ...

Steve Rice on Far Scene
Beautiful layers in this fine landscape.

Steven on Far Scene
An interesting composition along this very steep slope!

Sam on Far Scene
Wow. What a beautiful scene. A fine capture of this wonderful landscape. :)

Ruthiebear on Far Scene
I like the layers in this lovely landscape

Shaun on Far Scene
A superb landscape to admire.

beach on Far Scene
Nice landscape.

Ralf Kesper on Far Scene
Beautiful landscape!

Ton cœur adoré on Far Scene

Devi on Far Scene
wow..this is a fantastic scene !!!!

Harry on Deer Park Church
nicely done, again, Don.

Sam on Old Wood
Great capture of this old abandoned structure. Excellent textures and details. Impressive as a black and white image. ...

Sam on Deer Park Church
Beautiful image of this lovely Church. I like this design. A fine shot. :)

Elaine Hancock on Deer Park Church
This is a gorgeous church. I love the windows and design and the colors. A lot of attention to detail. It is beautiful!

Rose on Deer Park Church
I don't know how to say what I want about this is just so, so..I don't know the word. I want to ...

Janaye Jones on Elegance

Janaye Jones on Deer Park Church
Lovely white & green church. The arched windows & doors add the finishing touches.

Existence Artistique on Deer Park Church

Shaun on Deer Park Church
Excellent church image Don. A nice name Deer Park.

Steve Rice on Deer Park Church
A lovely shot of the church.

Dreams come true on Deer Park Church
Beautiful church.

Ruthiebear on Deer Park Church
SO quaint and inviting

Devi on Deer Park Church
a lovely Church !!!

Anne on Deer Park Church
Jolie chapelle.

Ralf Kesper on Deer Park Church
Beautiful picture.

Elaine Hancock on Old Wood
A wonderful black and white image with great detail and textures. A lot of people would pay money for that old wood to ...

Steve Rice on Old Wood
Nice tones in this old wood.

Janaye Jones on Old Wood
I like all the patterns in the wood grains. It certainly is an interesting structure.

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