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Bare Limbs
17 October 2019

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12 December 2014

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San Xavier Del Bac
4 May 2013

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Water Power
17 October 2012

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Red Sun, But Not In An Image
26 September 2012

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All Alone
28 September 2011

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1 June 2011

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Halloween Cat
31 October 2009

Recent Comments

Ralf Kesper on Sugar Riding
A beautiful collie!

Shaun on Sugar Riding
A great portrait of Sugar. Excellent color and detail.

B. Thomas on Sunflowers
I did not know there were white sunflowers. Very pretty.

Harry on Sunflowers
more than I can count - nice frame full of blooms

Mhelene on Sunflowers
Beautiful natural bouquet !

Existence Artistique on Sunflowers

Ruthiebear on Sunflowers
A happy view

jean pierre on Sunflowers
joli tableau!! amts

Devi on Sunflowers
they look so beautiful !!

Rose on Sunflowers
Always good to see flowers this time of year...I am beginning to get anxious for color.

beach on Sunflowers
They sure do look sunny and make me feel warm.

Steven on Sunflowers
A splendid find that makes me yearn for Spring!

Shaun on Sunflowers
A very nice capture of these flowers Don.

Ronnie 2¢ on Sunflowers
Happiness . . who could ask for more ?!

Ralf Kesper on Sunflowers
Sunny feelings in this image.

Elaine Hancock on Sothside Chruch
A very simple looking but nice church. A wonderful view.

B. Thomas on Sothside Chruch
Nice church with a welcoming sign in front.

Harry on Sothside Chruch
the tacked on sign, the unimposing news boards and the lack of a cross or bell steeple give this a feel of a temporary ...

omid on Sothside Chruch
Lovely church.

Ralf Kesper on Sothside Chruch
Nice tiny church.

Sam on Sothside Chruch
Nice looking Church. Beautifully photographed. I like. :)

Ruthiebear on Sothside Chruch
A simple looking building.

Shaun on Sothside Chruch
Excellent look at the church entrance Don.

Rose on Sothside Chruch
Nice little church...interesting that they have the signs the way they are.

beach on Sothside Chruch
Nice welcoming church

Existence Artistique on Sothside Chruch
Intéressant vert

jpla on Sothside Chruch
ici, on est les bienvenus JP

Devi on Sothside Chruch
Beautiful elegant building as the house of God !! But the Cross is missing !!!

Elaine Hancock on Flower Abstraction
A lovely abstract image with beautiful color.

Harry on Flower Abstraction
nice use of high magnification and pastels

omid on Flower Abstraction

Jipé on Flower Abstraction
Tres artistique.

B. Thomas on Flower Abstraction
Excellent work. It's lovely.

Mhelene on Flower Abstraction
Beautiful work !

Ralf Kesper on Flower Abstraction
Wonderful close-up!

Rose on Flower Abstraction
Very nice! I really like this.

Devi on Flower Abstraction
Beautiful macro......The colours look lovely !

Ruthiebear on Flower Abstraction
AMazing close up

Shaun on Flower Abstraction
A very good result Don. Nice work.

Existence Artistique on Flower Abstraction

Harry on Chinese Astilbe
wonderful frame full of bright pink blooms

Sam on Hills
Great view of the hills and valleys. A fine perspective and the photographer looks so small and an indication of the ...

Elaine Hancock on Chinese Astilbe
I love the color. These are beautiful flowers!

Sam on Two Levels
Beautiful house and lovely colours. Excellent composition :)

Sam on Sunrise
Wow. Gorgeous sky and excellent reflections. A fine sunrise shot. Love this. :)

Sam on Chinese Astilbe
Beautiful pink. Lovely light and details. Excellent. :)

B. Thomas on Chinese Astilbe
Beautiful plant.

omid on Chinese Astilbe

Shaun on Chinese Astilbe
Excellent capture of these flowers with great color.

jpla on Chinese Astilbe
Pour moi, c'est une découverte JP

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