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Bare Limbs
17 October 2019

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12 December 2014

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San Xavier Del Bac
4 May 2013

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Water Power
17 October 2012

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Red Sun, But Not In An Image
26 September 2012

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All Alone
28 September 2011

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1 June 2011

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Halloween Cat
31 October 2009

Recent Comments

Rose Swalls on Rose
I guess that is old I have enjoyed your photos for a long time and thank you for sharing them.

omid on Rose
Lovely rose & colors. ... Good luck, my friend! :)

B. Thomas on Rose
You will be missed. Good luck to you. Take care.

Devi on Rose
Aw!!! You ayou may be...biologically old. But still young at heart..Keep posting now and then :))) All the very beast ...

Steve Rice on Rocky Lake 888
A beautiful image of the rocks, lake, and mountains.

Steve Rice on Rose
Congratulations, Don! I beautiful image to wind up the blog.

Devi on Rocky Lake 888

Devi on Rose
a gorgeous image !!!

Steven on Rose
A radiant beauty! Congratulations, Don! You have been a great addition to Aminus3.

Harry on Rocky Lake 888
good foreground interest makes this shot

omid on Rocky Lake 888
Lovely view.

Shaun on Rocky Lake 888
A very nice scene Don.

Don on Rose
After many years of posting pictures, I have decided I'm old enough, now 90 and cannot keep up with it. I have ...

Harry on Red Building
I think the truck adds a contemporary feel

Steve Rice on Red Building
A nice looking red building outfitted with heat for the winter.

Steven on Red Building
Beautiful light and textures.

Ralf Kesper on Red Building
Nice farm

Steve Rice on Mt Topee
A lovely view from up high in the snow.

Devi on Mt Topee
Lov3ely image and view.. The details are awesome !!!!

Steve Rice on Snow Trees
A wintry scene for sure.

Ralf Kesper on Snow Trees
Nice wonderland

jpla on Snow Trees
c'est une vieille photo ?

Steve Rice on Snow Trail
A beautiful and cool snow scene.

Ana Lúcia on Snow Trail
This is absolutely gorgeous! Such a wonderful winter scene.

Ram on Snow Trail

Ralf Kesper on Snow Trail
Wonderful winterly view

Michael Skorulski on Snow Trail
A lovely wintery image.

Steve Rice on Rocky Lake
A very lovely scene.

Anna Cherer on Rocky Lake
Beautiful place and composition

Steven on Rocky Lake
Splendid view across this rippled lake!

Brian on Rocky Lake
Lovely image

Anne on Rocky Lake

Steve Rice on Debi and Sugar
Neat shot.

Steven on Debi and Sugar
So relaxed and comfortable! This looks like a from June.

Siepi on Debi and Sugar
hanging out together, well spend time ;-)

Shaun on Debi and Sugar
Enjoying a rest.

Harry on Sun River
gorgeous color and composition

Steve Rice on Sun River
Lovely sunlight on the mist!

Shaun on Sun River
Excellent scene and great color. 5*

Steven on Sun River
Glorious light accompanied by rising steam that creates a dramatic effect.

Shaun on Stop Farm
A very tidy and well kept farm.

Dimitrios on Pond

omid on Stop Farm
Again; lovely! :)

Ralf Kesper on Stop Farm
Very nice view

Harry on Stop Farm
suburbia encroaches!

Steve Rice on Stop Farm
Nice houses and a great view.

Steven on Stop Farm
A splendid view.

omid on Stop Farm
Lovely view & colors.

Shaun on Stop Farm
Looks like a great working farm Don.

kiwisa on Pond
I love this view, Congratulations.

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