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12 December 2014

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San Xavier Del Bac
4 May 2013

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Water Power
17 October 2012

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Red Sun, But Not In An Image
26 September 2012

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All Alone
28 September 2011

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1 June 2011

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Falcon Avenue Glow
6 January 2010

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Halloween Cat
31 October 2009

Recent Comments

omid on A Pretty One
L O V E L Y !

omid on Purple
such beautiful colors & details!

Irene on Purple
Nice colors !

Ruthiebear on Purple
Absolutely stunning - perfect light and superb color!

Steve Rice on Purple
A fabulous image of the iris!

Gérard on Purple
Buatiful star

Hiro on Purple
Very beautiful !!

Lady Fi on Purple
Just gorgeous!

tataray on Purple
De toute beauté, magnifiques détails.)

L'Angevine on A Pretty One

Devi on Purple
Superb details here Don :) Have a nice weekend :)

Elaine Hancock on A Pretty One
A beautiful macro image! The color and detail is just fabulous! Such a beautiful orchid!

Irene on A Pretty One
Excellent macro.

normandy50 on A Pretty One
presque une gorge .... bon week-end Don

Steve Rice on A Pretty One
A gorgeous closeup of this beautiful orchid.

Ruthiebear on A Pretty One
WOW! An outstanding macro - what amazing detail!!!

Mhelene on A Pretty One
Beautiful macro .

Rose on A Pretty One
This is an amazing shot!

Shaun on A Pretty One
A superb macro Don. The detail and color is excellent.

Devi on A Pretty One
Beautiful details !

L'Angevine on Debris Laden Barnyard

tataray on A Pretty One
Merveilleuse macro. )

tataray on Debris Laden Barnyard
De belles couleurs. )

Irene on Debris Laden Barnyard
Good capture of everything.

Felicia on An Interesting House
Victorian style i believe

Felicia on Rock Lake Shed
a good character building

Felicia on Debris Laden Barnyard
looks like a construction zone.

B. Thomas on Debris Laden Barnyard
Nice barn with a lot going on in the barn yard.

omid on Debris Laden Barnyard
Amazing barn!

Elaine Hancock on Debris Laden Barnyard
This is a gorgeous barn. There is just so much stuff around it. I love the colors of the barn and the dramatic sky.

Steven on Debris Laden Barnyard
Looks like the sky is going to open up with the dramatic clouds hovering above!! Great capture!

Steve Rice on Debris Laden Barnyard
Quite a collection of "stuff" around this barn.

Steve Rice on Rock Lake Shed
Interesting shot of the shed. In the dry climate, it will last a long time.

Rose on Debris Laden Barnyard
I think this looks like trouble is brewing with the weather, and I totally love it.

Ruthiebear on Debris Laden Barnyard
Perhaps another structure was taken down? A lovely find and image

Shaun on Debris Laden Barnyard
Another of your great finds here Don. As you will know there are quite a few farms that look like this, but they are ...

beach on Debris Laden Barnyard
The cloud laden sky is somehow very suitable to this one.

Devi on Debris Laden Barnyard
outstanding image...can see that shortly a fence is going to come up...can see the posts :)

Mhelene on Debris Laden Barnyard
Beautiful composition with superb colors !

Hiro on Debris Laden Barnyard
nice color combination

L'Angevine on Rock Lake Shed

Harry on Rock Lake Shed
Nice balanced composition. I like the slightly rippled sky.

Elaine Hancock on Rock Lake Shed
It looks like a well built shed. Interesting that the fencing definitely wants to keep people out. I like the rocky ...

Irene on Rock Lake Shed
Wonderful framing !

Nazzareno on Rock Lake Shed
Beautiful compo and colors

Ruthiebear on Rock Lake Shed
I like the view as well as the tones

Mhelene on Rock Lake Shed
Beautiful little shed !

Steven on Rock Lake Shed
Beautiful warmth and highlights captured here!!

tataray on Rock Lake Shed
belles couleurs et luminosité... Dommage en mauvais état.)

Shaun on Rock Lake Shed
A shame this could not be repaired Don. A very nice size for a shed, and in a nice location. Excellent color in this ...

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