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12 December 2014

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San Xavier Del Bac
4 May 2013

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Water Power
17 October 2012

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Red Sun, But Not In An Image
26 September 2012

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All Alone
28 September 2011

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1 June 2011

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Halloween Cat
31 October 2009

Recent Comments

Mhelene on The Cross Is Sleek
Very beautiful composition .

Hiro on The Cross Is Sleek
beautiful under blue sky

Elaine Hancock on One Sees You
A wonderful view of these beautiful horses. They look to be well cared for.

Steve Rice on One Sees You
An excellent pair of beauties.

Mhelene on One Sees You
Very beautiful ! I am happy that he sees me ...

tataray on One Sees You
Wow... De très beaux chevaux costauds... Excellent.

Devi on One Sees You
very impressive shot here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ruthiebear on One Sees You
Beautiful horses in lovely light

Rose on One Sees You
One looks heavy...

Shaun on One Sees You
Excellent pair of horses. Nice capture Don.

Hiro on One Sees You
powerful and elegant

Hiro on Three off shore
very nice view

Ralf Kesper on One Sees You
Looks very powerful!

Harry on Three off shore
the title made me stop and stare - what three? the big rocks are three, split into four. Not sure whether there are ...

Steve Rice on Three off shore
Beautiful beach and sea stacks. Excellent shot.

B. Thomas on Three off shore
I like this PoV. Seeing some of the land places us in the scene rather than just standing at the water's edge.

Devi on Three off shore
wonderful beach to be in..Love those jutting rocks and the shallow water on the sands....

Shaun on Three off shore
A great beach scene Don.

Ralf Kesper on Three off shore
Wonderful rocks in front of the shoreline.

Steve Rice on Violent
Raw power!

Harry on Violent
your motion freezing shutter does a fine job of capturing the power of the water

Elaine Hancock on Violent
This is spectacular! A magnificent image! The power of the water is amazing.

Mhelene on Violent
Wonderful photo !!

tataray on Violent
Magnifique ... 5 *****

Devi on Violent
Gosh!! That is powerful!! A fabulous capture here !!!!

Ruthiebear on Violent
Very impactful and dramatic

Steven on Violent
Great force of water captured here!

Hiro on Violent
Dynamic !!

Shaun on Violent
Very well captured image Don.

Ralf Kesper on Violent

Libouton Martine on Violent
Magnifique prise !5*

omid on Violent
Wonderful !

Harry on Stormy Sunset
wonderful color and depiction of the roiling clouds. perhaps a bit of a crop to remove one or both of the left edge ...

Rose on Stormy Sunset
Gorgeous sky!

Elaine Hancock on Stormy Sunset
A wonderful way to end the day, especially after a storm. The color is gorgeous!

Steve Rice on Stormy Sunset
A colorful sky in spite of those threatening clouds.

B. Thomas on Stormy Sunset
At first I thought it was going to be a forest fire image. Wow.

Mhelene on Stormy Sunset
Wonderful capture of the sky !!

Ruthiebear on Stormy Sunset
Lovely light and tones

Steven on Stormy Sunset
Beautiful colors!

Hiro on Stormy Sunset
Oh, storm ! The earth is shaking by the wind

Shaun on Stormy Sunset
A great burst of sky color Don. Nice capture.

omid on Stormy Sunset
Amazing atmosphere! Lovely colors.

Ronnie 2¢ on Stormy Sunset
The heavens look a touch angry out there . .

Ralf Kesper on Stormy Sunset
Awesome colors in the sky.

Elaine Hancock on Rose Buds
These are beautiful! I love color! The petals look so delicate.

Harry on Rose Buds
like dancers coming together at the start of the music

omid on Rose Buds
:) Lovely!

B. Thomas on Rose Buds
This Bud's for you. Ha! Happy Silly Tuesday!

Steve Rice on Rose Buds

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